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The Colour Creative: Winter 2018

How do you spark your creativity? Colour is always a good starting point for me. I enjoy the challenge of working with all sorts of colour combinations: I use colour mood boards, I follow colour trends and predictions. But in my personal colour-comfort-zone I am drawn to the changing colours in the landscape throughout the seasons. This is Winter....

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I have recently been making some colour mood boards to help me plan future textile work. I collect magazine images, take photographs, gather matching threads, fabrics, blocks of colour etc. and I arrange them together on A3 sheets of paper or pin them onto the wall in my work space. It is important that I give myself permission to play around with colour in this way. My choice of colour palettes come and go. I might be drawn to the muted tones of Winter for a while, but as we move forward to Spring I will be drawn to the colours of the new season. Although I have been observing colours in this way for many years, I am always finding new and unexpected colour combinations .......and at some point these colour combinations work their way into the my textiles. Give it a go yourself. What better place to look for inspiration!


Isobel x

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