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Tools of the trade

Over time I have gathered a selection of tools and materials which I work with every day. Before I have even started to make anything, these objects already tell a story about me - my ways of working, my interests, what inspires me and what I care about. Imagine gathering together everything you use in a day. What would it say about you?

The tools of my trade are simple. Here is a little snap-shot of the main ones I use in the making of my textiles. A lot of my textiles are stitched by hand. I have a collection of sewing needles of varying sizes, for different purposes.

And what would I do without my trusty old Bernina sewing machine? Compaired to some of the more modern 'all-singing-all-dancing-electronic-100's-of-stitches' machines, this one does all the basics that I need. It is a true workhorse. With an additional walking-foot, I can plough through some pretty thick quilts. My sewing box contains threads, rulers, scissors, rotary cutters, fabric marker pens & pencils, pins and needles. It's amazing that so much can be made with such humble tools!

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing my work-in-progress and explaining some of my processes & techniques. Meanwhile, if you would like to find out more about my work, please take a look in the GALLERY

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