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Textile Workshops for Schools, led by Isobel Loftus

Isobel has extensive experience of leading textile art workshops and residencies in primary and secondary schools.
As well as being a professional textile designer she is also a qualified art teacher with a PGCE specialising in Art & Design. She devises and leads textile projects suitable for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3, as well as offering preparatory sessions for teachers. Textile workshops offer a specialised learning approach which sits within the wider context of the
creative curriculum.

Isobel has developed ways of working with a wide range of textile techniques to enable children and young people of varying abilities to create successful work. Each project is unique, tailored to the requirements of the school, often with opportunities for cross-curricular links.

Art Class

Be Inspired

Develop new creative skills, work together, express ideas,  experiment with different materials and techniques, and build confidence through
hands-on learning.

Workshop days focus on teamwork and specific themes, resulting in textile work to display within your school.


Interested ?

If you would like to offer an exciting and creative textile workshop to your students please contact me. 

Request an information
pack which offers a variety
of ideas as a starting point and
an outline of the costs.

Quilts,Banners & Wallhangings

The textile pieces can be based on your own topic, or Isobel can suggest themes such as the local landscape, or create work linked to an artist such as Klimt, Klee or Matisse.

Children can work individually or in groups to make the work. Techniques may include fabric painting, collage, stitching and bonding of materials. Isobel provides all the specialist materials and resources required, but the school can help
 by collecting fabrics.

Consider where the textile pieces will be displayed after the workshop, so the work can be designed to suit the space.

Click on the gallery below to see some past projects.

'Thread Fabric'
Work in Progress
Building the Fabric
Colour & Pattern
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Banner Making
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